I define it using a candle flame as an illustration, blow the flame and it’s gone , lost.

But we always make valid use of that flame when it’s lit.

Likewise, we should make valid use of the precious gift called life.

Life can be a roller coaster, but we should not loose our grip on it.

Living a stress-free life is rare, but always look for ways to keep a short smile on your face and the faces of others.

In life there’s no such human who don’t need another human, “no man is an Island”.

Life is not a short distance sprint or dash, it’s a marathon.

It’s a marathon you run without making comparisons with others, and there’s no prize for first position.

Pride helps you build your self-esteem, but too much of that pride brings one’s life into ruins.

In our life span we must spread love, share that love genuinely without fear or hesitation

As we go through life we are meant to learn from our mistakes and get the lessons out of them.

“Sharing is caring”, as life goes on you’ll see that clearly.

Effort yields great results in life, make moves and see the success.

Discrimination should never be a part of you whilst running life’s marathon.

Kill the spirit of envy, cultivate supportive attributes towards another’s success.

We are all one and we’re all in this “Life’s Race”.


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